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Clip Art - Nixon and Johnson Nixon and Johnson

Clip Art - LBJ On The Phone LBJ On The Phone

Clip Art - Civil Rights Act of 1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964

Clip Art - Pres. Bush Signing the MLK Holiday into Effect Pres. Bush Signing the MLK Holiday into Effect

Clip Art - MLK and LBJ MLK and LBJ

Clip Art - U.S. President LBJ U.S. President LBJ

Clip Art - Pres. Bush with King Fahd Pres. Bush with King Fahd

Clip Art - President Bush Senior President Bush Senior

Clip Art - President Grant President Grant

Clip Art - Teddy Roosevelt on Campaign Teddy Roosevelt on Campaign

Clip Art - Abe Lincoln and His Advisors Abe Lincoln and His Advisors

Clip Art - WH Taft WH Taft

Clip Art - Dwight Eisenhower Campaign Dwight Eisenhower Campaign

Clip Art - Kennedy and Khrushchev Kennedy and Khrushchev

Clip Art - Roosevelt Campaign Roosevelt Campaign

Clip Art - Ford and Carter Debating Ford and Carter Debating

Clip Art - Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta

Clip Art - Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr.

Clip Art - U.S. President Lyndon Johnson U.S. President Lyndon Johnson

Clip Art - Presidential Hopeful Harry Truman Presidential Hopeful Harry Truman

Clip Art - President Taylor President Taylor

Clip Art - Pres. Woodrow Wilson Pres. Woodrow Wilson

Clip Art - Pres. Taft Pres. Taft

Clip Art - Pres. McKinley Pres. McKinley

Clip Art - Pres. William Henry Harrison Pres. William Henry Harrison

Clip Art - Pres. Teddy Roosevelt Pres. Teddy Roosevelt

Clip Art - Pres. Rutherford Hayes Pres. Rutherford Hayes

Clip Art - Pres. Reagan Pres. Reagan

Clip Art - Pres. Van Buren Pres. Van Buren

Clip Art - Pres. Johnson Pres. Johnson

Clip Art - Kennedy and Khruchchev-1961 Kennedy and Khruchchev-1961

Clip Art - Pres. Tyler Pres. Tyler

Clip Art - Pres. Monroe Pres. Monroe

Clip Art - Pres. Ford Pres. Ford

Clip Art - Pres. Garfield Pres. Garfield

Clip Art - FDR FDR

Clip Art - James Madison James Madison

Clip Art - Pres. James Polk Pres. James Polk

Clip Art - Pres. Chester A. Arthur Pres. Chester A. Arthur

Clip Art - Pres. Calvin Coolidge Pres. Calvin Coolidge

Clip Art - Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson

Clip Art - George Washington George Washington

Clip Art - Pres. Washington Pres. Washington

Clip Art - Gen. George Washington Gen. George Washington

Clip Art - Lincoln and His Son Lincoln and His Son

Clip Art - Abe Lincoln Abe Lincoln

Clip Art - Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

Clip Art - President Harding President Harding

Clip Art - President Harry S. Truman President Harry S. Truman

Clip Art - President Theodore Roosevelt President Theodore Roosevelt

Clip Art - President Nixon President Nixon

Clip Art - President Carter President Carter

Clip Art - Gerald Ford and Leonid Brezhnev Gerald Ford and Leonid Brezhnev

Clip Art - President Truman President Truman

Clip Art - President Eisenhower President Eisenhower

Clip Art - President Ford President Ford

Clip Art - President Benjamin Harrison President Benjamin Harrison

Clip Art - President Jackson President Jackson

Clip Art - President Reagan, 1981 President Reagan, 1981

Clip Art - JFK and LBJ JFK and LBJ

Clip Art - President John Kennedy President John Kennedy

Clip Art - President Franklin D. Roosevelt President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Clip Art - President Bush, Senior President Bush, Senior

Clip Art - President Abe Lincoln President Abe Lincoln

Clip Art - President Clinton President Clinton
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